Important notes.

  1. BOX OFFICE PHONE #s LOCAL: 506-657-1234 TOLL FREE: 800-267-2800
  2. Regular Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10am – 3pm. On Event Day the Box Office will open 3 hrs prior to the event start time.
  3. TD Station is a rental facility. We lease the building out to promoters and sell their tickets. We are not responsible for the show’s content, sound quality or length. We provide a safe environment for patrons and will address any concerns brought to our attention.
  4. TD Station is NOT responsible for any changes in ticket pricing, new tickets made available, specials or deals that may happen after an event has been on-sale. These promotions are at the discretion of the Event Promoter.
  5. BUYER BEWARE! HAVE YOU PURCHASED TICKETS FROM ANOTHER SOURCE? TD Station is unable to guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from sources other than the TD Station Box Office or the Official TD Station ONLINE Ticketing System. Tickets that are purchased from any source other than the TD Station Box Office and turn out to be fraudulent, will NOT BE VALID, and may result in a police investigation.
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Please take the following into account when choosing SEATING LOCATIONS for a PARTICULAR EVENT.


  • FLOOR SEATING: Depending on the type of concert, people on the floor MAY STAND frequently or for the whole event. Be prepared to accept this situation.
  • SIDE OF STAGE SEATING may be close to the performer, BUT speakers, sound gear and cabling may obstruct views to the stage and the sound quality may not be as good. In almost all instances, TD Station is NOT made aware of these situations and it is not until the show is set up that these problems are identified. Tickets for shows usually go on sale before technical information is available.
  • THE STAGE LOCATION on Floor Plans is generally accurate but actual stage and chair locations are determined on the day of set up by the show’s Production Manager.
  • TD Station is not responsible for any obstructions that are the result of set up.
  • Any patron who has concerns with the location of their seats due to obstructions caused by set up may contact any TD Station usher for assistance.
  • SOUND: Concerts may be loud! Be prepared for high volume levels with ear protection.


  • SIGHTLINES: These particular shows tend to be best viewed from straight on towards the stage. Depending on the show’s set up with side curtaining, some elements might be out of view if seats chosen are on the side of the stage.
  • It is the Show Production that dictates sightlines and seats that are to be sold. TD Station assumes no responsibility in problems associated with show sightlines or setup obstructions. PLEASE see an usher or Event Supervisor if there are any concerns.
  • For certain theater shows, late comers may be held back for a period once the start of the show happens. This is under the direction of the Show Producer.
  • The Box Office Staff typically have no technical information on a particular event. Final preparations occur on the day of the show, during the final set up.


  • The puck may leave the playing surface at ANY TIME. If this is a concern, purchase tickets behind the glass, (row 5 and below) or in the end zones behind the safety netting.
  • Safety END ZONE NETTING is installed at both ends of the arena and this may cause a temporary sight line obstruction to some people. East End – Upper Bowl SECTIONS 4 to 12.


  • Indoor motor events, MONSTER TRUCKS / FMX MOTOR CYCLES, create high levels of exhaust fumes. TD Station uses all means available to exhaust and intake fresh air, but be advised, there are still fumes
  • SOUND LEVELS are extremely high for these events. Hearing protection is strongly advised.


TD Station has a NO REFUND / NO EXCHANGE Ticket Policy.

  • Children UNDER the age of 2 years old and NOT occupying a seat are free for most events, excluding concerts, otherwise a ticket IS required.
  • TD Station offers wheelchair and a limited number of special needs seating. Call the Box Office for information.
  • Present all coupons before ordering.
  • Coupons cannot be redeemed over the phone.
  • The credit card used when purchasing tickets for pick up MUST be presented at time of pick up.
  • WILL CALL is a kiosk in the Main Lobby where pre-ordered tickets may be picked up the day of an event to avoid the Box Office line ups.